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Privacy Policy

INTLOOPPrivacy Policy

1.Basic Policy
INTLOOP (hereinafter, “the Company”) conducts corporate consulting services, and contract services in which information is entrusted to freelance consultants and IT engineers. The Company has established the following policy on the protection of private information, including information on registered members and employees. Based on this policy, the Company plans, implements, maintains, and improves in-house systems to manage private information.
2.Basic Policy concerning the Acquisition, Utilization, and Sharing of Private Information
The Company acquires, utilizes, shares, and entrusts private information with a full understanding of the importance of protecting private information, and within the extent necessary to conduct its business operations. The company acquires private information after receiving permission from the individual concerned, and it utilizes such information to the extent permitted by that individual.
3.Method of Managing Personal Information
The Company has established measures designed to prevent private information being improperly accessed, lost, destroyed, misused, altered, or leaked, and it will promptly implement the necessary steps in the event that any such action occurs.
4.Disclosure, Correction, Discontinuance of Utilization, and Deletion of Private Information
The Company acknowledges that the person to whom the information pertains has the right to request the disclosure, correction, discontinuation of utilization, and deletion of that information. In the event that the Company receives such requests, it will comply promptly.
5.Observance of Relevant Laws and Regulations
The company observes all laws and regulations concerning private information.
6.Continual Improvement of Compliance System
The Company continually improves its system for managing private information in order to ensure that it is utilizing and safeguarding private information appropriately.

Please refer to the Privacy policy and Handling of Personal Information (Japanese) for more details of our Privacy Policy.