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Concept for Association and Investment

When we decide to associate with or invest in other companies, we do so on the basis that we are supporting companies that link Japan with the wider world, and creating a positive loop for business development.

Main Overseas Associates



Asakura is the largest Japanese hair salon company in Beijing. It has opened the second salon in Shanghai. As part of our overseas expansion and sales channel development services, we have organized exhibitions of salon products, provided a salon experience menu in a showroom, and promoted the company’s products at product seminars aimed at the media. Company president, Zen Asakura, has not focused only on salons. He has promoted products using Chinese social media. He has fully utilized popular bloggers, top magazine models, key media figures with many followers, and an “Asukura network” run by a local prominent figure. Moreover, the company has developed product PR and sales in China by linking product information directly with a local EC site run by our company – a site that has been highly praised in, China’s largest EC mall.



Ippin is a showroom for Japanese products. It is run in Singapore by our associate Curetex as a base for sales channels to ASEAN countries, Oceania, and the Middle East. Opened in November, 2012, it has exhibited a total of 300 products (as of November, 2014) for a total of 60 companies. As part of our overseas expansion and sales channel development services, we have implemented permanent exhibitions and test sales in order to help develop sales channels for Japanese products in ASEAN countries, Oceania, and the Middle East.

※There are other associates in Asian countries in addition to the above.

Main Invested Companies

Free Bird Instituteウェブサイト

Free Bird Institute (Republic of Fiji)

We have invested in the Free Bird Institute, a local subsidiary in that provides language teaching in the Pacific nation of Fiji. We are passionate about the work Free Bird Institute does in terms of helping young people and many others from Japan gain language skills and spread their wings abroad. We also invest in Free Bird Institute for the social contribution it makes in Fiji.


Hisho Investment Consulting

Using the company’s network in China, Hisho is a consultancy for businesses in China and other Asian countries that invest in China, support the development of industrial districts, and help Japanese companies expand in China. Working in partnership with INTLOOP, Hisho has made a contribution as a business consultancy in various settings, including the expansion of Japanese-Chinese businesses.