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President’s Greeting

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President’s Greeting

INTLOOP株式会社 代表取締役 林博文

INTLOOP began in 2005 as a company that matched freelance consultants looking to take on new projects with companies seeking professionals. We quickly gained an outstanding reputation. One reason for this was because all of our coordinators had amassed plenty of experience in consulting, enabling them to keenly identify the essential needs of both the freelance consultants and the companies. Another reason was because we maintained quality in all aspects of our business and provided a great follow-up service.

Currently, our contracted consulting service forms an important pillar of our business. A key advantage we offer is that we can cater to a wide variety of needs. We assign the optimum personnel to serve our customers in all areas of business, including business planning, business development, and business operations.

In addition to regular consulting, INTLOOP has developed a support service for companies looking to expand in Asia. Helping small to medium companies and venture firms (whose managerial resources are limited compared to large size companies) to develop business abroad is a service required by society, but there are not actually many organizations that fully engage in such a service.

We have built up a system through which we can provide a one-stop service for trade representation, market research, sales channel development, and so on. Accordingly, we are steadily gaining an ever greater number of success stories in supporting development in the Asian market.

The business environment both inside and outside Japan is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. We at INTLOOP are constantly innovating. With fresh and innovative thinking and action, I want us to always identify the best possible solutions to the “new challenges” faced by customers.

INTLOOP株式会社 代表取締役 林 博文