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INTLOOP Supports Companies and Foundations that Contribute to Society

Neither companies nor people can survive without support from others. This maxim forms our corporate philosophy. However, we do not just treat it as a theory; we put it into practice by supporting companies and foundations that make a contribution to society.

Social Contribution in Japan

Supporting Refine Work Support Center

Supporting those people who have left work due to psychological problems such as depression

■Overview of General Incorporated Association “Refine Work Support Center”
Refine Work Support Center provides remedial care and job-seeking skills to individuals with psychological problems, and it continues to support them once they have found work. It helps such individuals achieve success in society by training them in communication skills etc., and it also focuses on preventing the psychological problem from reoccurring.
■INTLOOP’s Support
We are passionate about the support Refine Work Support Center provides , and so we have provided work experience to a total of four individuals in the two weeks prior to their return to employment.

Social Contribution Overseas

Supporting Free Bird Institute

A language school in the developing nation of Fiji that provides teaching to overseas students from Japan and other countries

Free Bird Instituteウェブサイト
■ Overview of Free Bird Institute
Free Bird Institute conducts language teaching in the Fiji to language students from Japan and other countries. It provides overseas study experience to 1,400 Japanese students every year. Currently, more than 70 high school students are studying at the institute.
■ INTLOOP’s Support
We support Free Bird Institute because we want to help provide young people with overseas language learning experience and cultivate human resources who can play a role on the world stage. On the one hand, we are helping broaden the horizons of students in Japan, and on the other hand we are making a contribution in Fiji by employing local teachers and providing economic support to homestay families.