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Professional dispatch

A Professional Dispatch Service – from as few as one

In addition to our own highly experienced consultants, we have more than 10,000 contracted freelance consultants and IT engineers, and numerous consultants and IT engineers from associated companies.
We are therefore ready to assign professional personnel – from as few as one – depending on your company’s specifications (nature of the assignment, level of participation, costs, term, participation rate, etc.) Once the personnel are dispatched, we provide thoroughgoing quality control during their term of service.

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We also provide a website for companies considering taking advantage of our freelance consultant and IT engineer referral service and professional dispatch service.

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Three Benefits of INTLOOP’s Professional Dispatch Service

Numerous highly experienced personnel


In addition to our own consultants, we have more than 10,000 freelance consultants and IT engineers.

From one to a number of professionals


One advantage of our procurement service is its flexibility. We are ready to provide one to a number of personnel in a timely fashion depending on your company’s needs.

Thoroughgoing quality control during term of service


After the personnel are dispatched, we conduct thoroughgoing quality control until their time of service has ended.

Typical Needs

Our professional dispatch service is capable of responding to the following type of procurement needs.

System development firms/ consulting firms

Operational companies

Operational companies

Consultants, IT engineers Project managers System development Project Management Office, IT engineers

Consulting firms and system development firms request the dispatching of consultants and IT engineers.

Procurement of personnel who can manage various projects, inclduing business/operational reform, installation of new systems, new business development, and marketing reform.

Cases where IT engineers and other personnel are required for a certain time period to help manage system development projects.

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