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Professional dispatch and referral services

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Professional Dispatch and Executive Refererrals that Meet Diverse Needs

We do not only provide consulting services; we also facilitate the dispatching of professionals with the required skills (procurement support).
Through such service provision, we have satisfied the needs of our customers, many of whom were looking for personnel with right skills for a major project, extra personnel to ensure that a business commitment is met, and personnel to swiftly cover a shortfall in staff resulting from unexpected leave.
We also provide an executive search service for companies seeking to secure executive staff in order to formulate and implement their business strategy.


Contents of Our Professional Dispatch and Referral Services

  • 1.Professional Dispatch

    Whether your company needs one more member of staff or more, we can procure in a timely fashion the personnel to meet your company’s needs. 

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  • 2. Executive Search

    If you are thinking about executive recruitment, try our executive search service.

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