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Overseas expansion, sales channel development support

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A One-stop Service to Help Manage the Processes required to Expand Overseas

We provide wide-ranging support services to companies looking to expand to China or other Asian countries. Examples include incorporation support, trade representation, market research/ sales channel development support, branding/PR support, interpretation/translation, and personnel referrals.
Utilizing our abundant consulting experience, trade know-how, and overseas networks, we provide a one-stop service to guarantee the success of your company’s overseas operations. This service covers the formulation of a detailed expansion plan, scrupulous preparations for the situation after your company has expanded, and the utilization of sales channels after development is underway.
Please refer to the website ‘TENKAI’ for more details of our Overseas business development & expansion support services.


Utilizing Our Overseas Offices to Provide a Service that is Unique to INTLOOP


We help companies looking to develop in China and Vietnam achieve a smooth overseas expansion.

We have an outstanding track record in helping companies developing in China to carry out leasing, brand/PR, and sales channel development; and companies developing in Vietnam to achieve legal incorporation, legal operation, and develop sales channels.
At our Vietnam office, we have staff who have been stationed there for more than ten years. These staff are capable of utilizing government channels and other local channels. They can help your company carry out a survey prior to incorporation, establish your company based on license research, and help your company carry out accounting, legal affairs, and labor management.
The general flow of our overseas expansion support service is shown below.