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IT consulting

INTLOOP provides IT support services tailored to the needs of a variety of businesses.

The method for solving IT-related problems will vary depending on the industry and type of business. The pathways toward IT solutions are also becoming increasingly complex with each year. INTLOOP is able to accurately grasp the particular IT-related problems the customer is facing and what they want to achieve, and then propose the most suitable service plan for installing and running IT tools or applications.

Examples of INTLOOP’s IT Consulting Services

  • Helping a Company Formulate an Optimization Plan

    Independent administrative agency

    After conducting a prior investigation of the effects and potential of reforming the IT system, we formulated a system optimization plan. We also analyzed the customer’s operation flow, and used the results of this analysis to draw up a proposal for making the system reform a success.

  • Helping a Company Introduce SAP

    Many companies, including listed companies

    In SAP installation projects, we have taken charge of upper processes such as definition of operation requirements and Fit & GAP in various areas, including financial accounting, retail management, stock and purchasing management. We have supported smooth SAP installation through the extensive technical process, which we have cultivated from many successful cases to date.

  • System Operation Improvement Support

    Corporations with special status

    We have helped customers improve the efficiency of their operations by conducting radical reforms, not only in terms of how IT systems are operated, but also in terms of workflow procedures. We provided these customers a total service, beginning from an improvement plan and continuing until they were acclimatized to the new system.

  • Accounting system Introduction support

    Many listed companies

    We have helped many companies introduce an accounting system by taking charge of full spectrum of processes, including operation design, definition of requirements, basic design, development review, and acclimitization. This wide-ranging service has achieved smooth and successful system introduction in a variety of business types.

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